The Fret Knot is the quarterly newsletter of the Barony of Altavia, Kingdom of Caid, SCA Inc. Published as a PDF file, the free electronic newsletter contains information relevant to members of the Barony. Because the newsletter is published in PDF format, you will need the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or you can use the free Reader. If for some reason you cannot access the PDF newsletter files, please contact the Webwright.

Submission Guidelines: Just do it! Contributing to The Fret Knot is a wonderful way to participate in the Barony. Contact the Chronicler. Occasionally, submissions need to be edited for size, content and/or grammar. The Chronicler’s office will not change any submission without first consulting the author(s).

NOTE – No artwork or photos can be published without receipt of signed SCA Creative Works Release or either the Society Model Release or Society Photographer Release form. These are located on the Caid Chronicler webpage. If your photo includes a minor you must obtain and transmit a signed release form with the photograph. If you do NOT wish your likeness to appear in the newsletter, please notify the Baronial Chronicler.

The Fret Knot complies with guidelines established by the Chronicler’s Offices of the SCA, Inc. and the Kingdom of Caid. It is not a corporate publication of the SCA, Inc. nor does it delineate SCA policies.

Fret Knot Issues

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