Altavia’s Baronial Officers

Master Nikolaos Phaistos



THL Briana MacCabe


Court: The Baron and Baroness have a court – a group of people to help them prepare for events, set up at the event, and make sure that they have the things they need during the day. The Chief Lady-in-Waiting is responsible for organizing the activities of the members of the court and ensuring that there are people to attend their Excellencies at the events they will be attending.


Chief Lady in Waiting
Lady Cirstene Fojtik


Guard: The Baron and Baroness have a guard – a group of people to protect them from danger and to help them set up at the event. The Captain of the Guard is responsible for organizing the activities of the members of the guard and ensuring that there are people to guard their Excellencies at the events they will be attending.



Captain of the Guard
Baroness Cassandra de Lorrain




There are many offices in the barony that are needed to keep the barony functioning. Below is a list of the various offices and who holds the job.

Lady Sibylla de Haze

The Seneschal is in charge of the day-to-day business of keeping the barony going.

Council (Business) meeting information

Newcomers meeting information

Deputy Seneschal
Mistress Meliora Deverel



Captain of the Archers
Our Captain of the Archers position is currently vacant. Please contact the Seneschal if you are interested in this office.

The Captain of Archers organizes practices and archery-related activities. He maintains and transports the baronial archery equipment.

Archery practice information

Arts & Sciences Officer
Lady Alessandra Gioielliere

Arts and Sciences are just what they sound like. The line between what is an “art” and what is a “science” is often blurred, hence one person organizes workshops in both areas, and helps people find others to help them in specific areas of interest.

A&S (aka Craft Night) information

Deputy Arts & Sciences Officer
THL Edith of Arbroath



Chatelaine (Newcomers officer)
THL Monique Marie Sauniere

The Chatelaine is the person who helps Newcomers. If you are newly joining the SCA, or just visiting an event because the pavilions caught your eye as you drove past the park, this is the person who will answer your questions. And if they can’t, they’ll help you find someone who can. Write here for help and information.

Newcomers meeting information

Deputy Chatelaine
Mistress Meliora Deverel



Children’s Minister
Baroness Tezar of Aeolis

The Children’s Officer works with the children and Youth of the Barony. Activities are usually provided for a short time at every event that the Barony hosts


Dame Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios

The Chronicler is responsible for the publications of the group. The Barony of Altavia issues a free newsletter called “Fret Knot”  four times per year, which is distributed via our FaceBook group. Please contact the chronicler for directions on submissions.

Cirstene Fojtik

The Constable is responsible for Lost and Found items, and helps with any crowd control and area perimeter management issues.

THL Elle Wynn of Essex

Exchequer is in charge of the monies raised by the group. This can be money people pay to attend events or money donated by the good of one’s heart. He is responsible for paying money out to cover the legitimate expenses of the group (such as paying for the site to have an event at).

THL Damien von Baden (Sable Fret Cornet)

The Heralds make announcements at court, introduces fights on the field, and helps you develop a name and device. In the SCA, we use names that could have existed in Medieval or Renaissance times and create devices that can be used to identify us by picture, much like a coat of arms.


Court Herald
Baroness Tezar of Aeolis

List Officer

THL Matlens Litovka

The Lists Officer is the person who organizes the individual fights during the course of a tourney by determining who fights whom and tracking the winners and losers of each bout.


Lord Griffith Von Bremen

The Marshal is in charge of running fighting activities at events. Often they will also run a practice so that people can fight on a regular basis somewhere close to home. If she/he doesn’t run a practice, she/he will know who does and where to find it. She/He may not participate in all forms of fighting recognized in the SCA, but if you want to learn something she/he is not familiar with, she/he can help you find someone who is. Fighting in the SCA falls into 4 major categories: Armored combat (using rattan swords, armour and shields), Rapier (fencing), Archery / Thrown Weapons, and Equestrian.

Guardians of the High Road webpage

FretFights email group for the Altavia Armored Combat practices.

Deputy Marshal of Armored Combat

Our Deputy Marshal of Armored Combat position is currently vacant. Please contact the Seneschal if you are interested in this office.




Deputy Marshal for Equestrian
THL Guene Annwyll



Deputy Marshal of Rapier
Don Nathaniel Longbow




Deputy Marshal Thrown Weapons
Cristobal Santiago Barba de Alcazar



Deputy Marshal Unarmored Combat
Cecil Sawyer Smiter



Deputy Marshal Youth Combat
Baroness Tezar of Aeolis

This Sword-play game for children is run at Altavian events and Practices.See the Kingdom of Caid Boffer website for rules. Youth combat practice information


Social Media Officer
Lord Eadwine Dane

The Office of Social Media encourages the enthusiastic but responsible use of social media on a variety of platforms to support the goals of the Society and introduce the Current Middle Ages to new audiences who might like to participate with us.


Merlin Wynn

The webwright is the officer who oversees the the official Altavia website, and social media presence. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, please feel free to contact me.