Altavia Canton and Baronial Dates

May 1983 –  Altavia became a Barony
(registered in July of 1983)
By now it also included Malibu.

APR 1982 Name changed to Canton of Altavia
registered in April of 1981
“alta via” is Latin for “high way” thus “Altavia” (pronounced: all-TAY-vee-ah) is a reference to the San Fernando Valley’s freeway system

May 1978 Name changed to Canton of Sarn Wold

Mar 1977 New Albion was founded as a Canton of the Barony of The Angels.
It encompassed the San Fernando Valley.



Motto: Theatrum, non dramatis (Theater, not drama)

Baronial Device
registered in April of 1982
Argent, a fret sable and on a chief vert a laurel wreath argent.
“alta via” is Latin for “high way”, thus “Altavia” (pronounced: all-TAY-vee-ah) is a reference to the San Fernando Valley’s freeway system. So it should be no surprise that the device carries on the freeway theme. The wreath is white on green, as are the freeway signs.
The fret is a reference to the Valley’s freeway system.


Populace Badgeregistered in July of 1983
Per pale vert and sable, two horses rampant reguardant addorsed within a bordure argent.

Populace Badge: registered in February of 2003 Argent fretty sable, a chief vert.

Stitch a copy with: Cross Stitch Patterns

Populace Badge: registered in January 2011 Argent, a fret sable and a chief vert.

Stitch a copy with: Cross Stitch Patterns, Smaller Cross Stitch Pattern, Machine DST pattern, Machine PES pattern


Sable Fret Pursuivant (Title for Altavia’s Herald)
This heraldic title was registered to Caid, Kingdom of in March of 1983 (via Caid) and transferred to Altavia, Barony of in December of 2003 (via Caid).

Baron Altaviaand “Baroness Altavia
SCA heraldry reserves this term for the founding Baron and Baroness. Thus Robear is Baron Altavia, and Kristin is Baroness Altavia.

Master of Altaviaand “Mistress of Altavia— Baronial Heir’s Titles
Baron Robear: “I don’t know what current nomenclature is (out side of nextellency), but we followed the tradition used in northern England and Scotland, where the holder of the title is called the Lord of …, and their heir is called the Master of …, so when the King and Queen recognized them as our heirs, Michael was called the Master of Altavia, and Amadea was called the Mistress of Altavia.”

Heirs and “Nextellency
Used in Altavia to refer to the Master and Mistress of Altavia. Although many Baronies in Caid use the terms Reeve and Reevess, these terms were used historically to refer to a person who supervises lands for another, rather than for the heirs to a title or throne. Thus Altavia has traditionally used Heirs to refer to the couple, and has also augmented that with Nextellency (Next Excellency).




Created by Megan de Barri
First used by the Barony at the Investiture of Laertes and Bridget (2005)

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Created by Lord Robert Wright of Darach
Presented to the Barony at Altavia Yule of 2005


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Jul 1985            Appeared in the Crown Prints as the Altavia Canton of Calmadun
Sep 1985           Canton of Dun Calma registered
Oct 1885           1st Anniversary Tournament of Calmadun
Mar 1986          CP lists them as Canton of Dun Calma (correction of Calmadun)
Apr 1986           CP lists them as Canton of Dun Or
May 1986          Canton of Dun Or was registered
Oct 1992           Dun Or became a Barony

Compiled by Mistress Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios