Lord Sigvaldr Hauksson


Lord Sigvaldr Hauksson
Altavia Marshal, 2006-5/2009


Hawk streaks cross stark red sky,
Whirling silhouette screeches cry,
Swooping down to say goodbye,
To a splendid man.

O, judge this man by his deeds,
Thoughtful ever of others needs,
To smile and serve his only creed,
He was a splendid man.

Giving soul with ready hand,
By a friend he’d staunchly stand,
The Heavens must have had a plan,
For this splendid man.

We’ll miss his shining, happy face,
In our hearts shall stand a place,
For that which can not be replaced,
Sigvaldr, a splendid man.

Secca and Meliora,
Baron and Baroness of Altavia


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