Lord Nikolaos Phaistos 2017


Niko is a 15th Century Greek Archer from the island of Crete. He could not find work on the island, so he took a merchant ship to Venice. There he began to learn the art of the rapier. After winning some notoriety as an archer, he was hired by the Medici family. His last job was to hunt down their wayward daughter, Cecilia Medici, and bring her back. He caught up with her in Persia, but she captured him. Even though she was a skilled assassin, she spared his life.


Leadership/Organization– From the age of eleven until twenty-five I worked at a summer day camp. I started as Jr. Counselor and worked my way up to camp director. As a director, I supervised 16-18 teen counselors each summer as well as organized ten weeks of camp activities for up to 150 campers. During that time, I learned to work with a diverse group of people and delegate many tasks and responsibilities.

Public Speaking- I have been a Sign Language Interpreter for twenty years. Most of my assignments were interpreting in front of 30 to 200 people. I am comfortable and highly experienced addressing crowds of people.

Improvisation/Initiative– With both my careers, improvising and taking the initiative are key to success. Things go wrong all the time when working with so many kids or deaf clients in so many situations. When problems arise, I can make quick decisions. I am comfortable acting when something needs to be done, even when no one else acts.


Deputy to the Kingdom Minister of Archers 2012-2013
Kingdom Earl Marshal of Archery 2013-2016
Kingdom Earl Marshal of Thrown Weapons 6/2016-Present

Archery Range Marshal, 12/10/10-Present
Thrown Weapons Range Marshal, 09/19/11-Present
Heavy Rapier Marshal, 07/17/2012-Present
Senior Archery Range Marshal-10/15/2013-Present

Member of the Queen’s Guard (Eleanor) 2010
Member of the Queen’s Guard (Cassandra) 2011
Member of the Queen’s Guard (Kara II) 2012
Member of the Queen’s Guard (Eilidh) 2012-13
Member of the Queen’s Guard (Cassandra II) 2013
Member of the Queen’s Guard (Aisha) 2013-2014
Member of the Queen’s Guard (Bridget) 2014
Member of the Queen’s Guard (Eilidh) 2014-15
Member of the Queen’s Guard (Sigrid) 2015
Lt. of the Queen’s Guard (Aisha) 2016
Lt. of the Queen’s Guard (Bridget II) 2017

Captain of the Altavian Guard, 05/12/2013 – 05/09/2015
Lt. of the Altavian Guard, 05/10/11- 2013
Lt. of the Altavian Archers, 05/10/11-05/12/12
Captain of Altavian Archers, 05/12/12- 06/02/2013
Altavia Thrown Weapons Captain 2013-6/2016
Altavia Deputy Rapier Marshal, 05/12/12-Present
Altavia Unarmored Marshal 2014-Present


Order of the Chiron – 2012-06-23
Crescent – 2014-05-10
Argent Blade – 2016-09-17

AoA – 2011-05-07
Dolphin – 2013-05-11
Duelist – 2014-10-26

Non-Armigerous Kingdom Level
Signum Regni – Caid (Sven III and Cassandra) – (AM) 2012-06-02
Signum Regni – Caid (Mansur and Eididh) – (AM) 2013-06-01
Signum Regni – Caid (Sven IV and Cassandra II) – (AM) 2013-11-02
Signum Regni – Caid (Mansur II and Eilidh II) – (AM) 2015-06-06
Signum Regni – Caid (Conrad III and A’isha II) – (AM) 2016-07-16
Sigillum Regis – Caid (Oz) – (AM) 2017-01-07

Non-Armigerous Baronial Level
Sable Fret – 2012-05-12
Sable Fret Augmentations – 2015-05-09;  2016-05-14
Vert Fret (Rapier) – 2012-05-12
Vert Fret (Archery) – 2014-10-26
Vert Fret (Thrown Weapons) – 2015-05-09
Vert Fret (Unarmored) – 2016-05-14