Letters of Intent

Request for Letters of Intent

As with such matters, the first step will be reviewing letters from those interested in being considered for this position. Letters from such parties need to be in the hands of the Altavia Seneschal by August 1st either by:
Online form
Mail (contact the Seneschal for the mailing address)
You may also send a copy to the Kingdom Seneschal, if you wish.

The Letter of Intent should include the couple’s SCA name, legal names, and membership numbers, and a description of why you want to be B & B of Altavia.

If you are interested in submitting a Letter of Intent, please read “For those considering sending in Letters of Intent, please keep in mind these guidelines” below.

In fairness to all who may be submitting Letters of Intent, the letters will all be published on the Altavia website at the same time on August 2nd. In that same spirit of fairness we request that the Letters of Intent not be published elsewhere before August 2nd.

Guidelines for the Letters of Intent

You must, of course, be and remain a paid SCA member for your entire tenure.
You must be an active participant in the Barony of Altavia and intend to remain so. You must be able to travel to other areas to represent the Barony as appropriate.
You need to be familiar with the workings of the SCA, both in our medieval timeframe and within the modern business activities. Having successfully held and performed the duties of a local or Kingdom office is an important qualification.

You must be able to work with a variety of people having diverse opinions, personalities, and talents. Fairness and impartiality need to be hallmarks of your dealings with others and in the handling of baronial situations. You must consider the effect of potential decisions on the group as a whole as well as individuals, and act accordingly.

Financial stability is important, as you will incur many expenses. There is no reimbursement for things such as travel and lodging. Kingdom and Corporate regulations also define what expenses may be paid by Baronial funds, and what you will need to bear from your own pocket.

Consider the effect this position would have on your familial/personal/romantic relationships. If you are a couple, would your duties cause strains? If you are not, would you be able to work effectively with your partner, and would other relationships be affected, and how?

If you feel that yourself or another is qualified, willing, and able to fulfill the duties of this Office, we wish to hear from you.


Letter of Intent from THLord Nikolaos Phaistos and THLady Briana MacCabe