Lady Briana MacCabe 2017


The Honorable Lady Briana MacCabe was born in West Breifne, Ireland, in 1564. Her father, Michael, was bard and poet to Brian O’Rourke, the chieftain of West Breifne, and Briana followed in her father’s footsteps. After the recent troubles the O’Rourkes ran into with the English, Briana wisely removed herself to her adopted homeland of Caid and is working on making a name as a bard in the Crescent kingdom.
Her motto is “Seirbhís. Ceol. Croí.” This is Irish Gaelic for “Service. Music. Heart.”


In addition to the several officer positions I have held in the SCA, I helped form and lead a student performers’ guild for the annual ren faire held at the Ohio State University. Through this position, I helped ensure that the then-20-year-old faire continued and created a new wintertime Madrigal feast. Being involved in this organization not only strengthened my leadership skills but also my diplomacy when dealing with opposing creative forces.

I am a senior editor for the IT department at USC where I write public communications for a wide variety of audiences. Because of the skills I have learned on this job, I am very comfortable with communicating complex and sometimes uncomfortable information, both in the written word and in person.

Having spent several years on cast at a variety of renaissance faires, I am both comfortable with speaking in front of a large crowd and making what I say entertaining. As a bardic type, I have a flair for the dramatic that can help make our courts fun (as appropriate), especially in combination with my potential Baron’s sense of humor. Theatrum non dramatis!


Deputy Publicity Steward for Great Western War 2016–Present
Lady-in-Waiting (1 of 4 rotating Chief Ladies) (Bridget II) 2017
Lady-in-Waiting (Sigridr) 2015 

Lady-in-Waiting for Meliora Deverel, 10/2011 – 05/2014
Deputy Webwright, 12/2013 – 02/2015
Chief Lady-in-Waiting for Cecilia Medici, 05/2014 – 02/2015
Deputy Seneschal for Social Media, 01/2014 – 02/2015
Bardic Champion, 12/2014–12/2015
Seneschal, 02/2015 – 05/2017
Lady-in-Waiting for Cecilia Medici, 02/2015 – Present
Deputy Seneschal for Social Media, 05/2017 – Present 


Order of the Crescent – 2016-05-14

AoA – 2011-12-10
Order of the Dolphin – 2015-05-09

Non-Armigerous Baronial Level
Sable Fret – 2013-12-07
Augmentation – 2014-10-26
Augmentation – 2016-05-14
Augmentation – 2017-05-13