Gaurdians of the High Road

Guardians of the High Road


The Guardians of the High Road is the fighting unit for the Barony of Altavia. “alta via” is Latin for “high way” and doing the most honorable action is also known as “taking the High Road”, which speaks to the chivalrous nature of Altavian Fighters.


The Guardians first took the battlefields of Estrella War 2007*. The Armored Combat unit fought as part of the Fifth Brigade*, and were joined by warriors from the Baronies of Western Seas* and Angels*. They were on the battlefields again at May Potrero War and Great Western War in 2007. Again in 2008, the Guardians took the High Road of Estrella War*, May Potrero War* and Great Western War*.

The Fall of the Argé al-Caid* (Rhyme Royal) by Secca de Cantia* — A poem for Her Excellency Baroness Bridget Lucia Mackenzie* in honor of her actions upon the field. (Site broken – 5/4/2010)


Angel's Melee 2007

Estrella War 2007