Letter of Intent from Griffith & Amabel 2022

Unto their Majesties, Adam Makandro and Stæina Hálfdanardóttir, King and Queen of CAID; their Excellencies, Nikolaos Phaistos and Briana MacCabe, Baron and Baroness of Altavia; Lady Sibylla de Haze, Seneschal of Altavia; and to the Populace of Altavia do we send our warmest greetings!

I am The Honorable Lord Griffith von Bremen, and as the current commander of LEGION, I am a mercenary for hire. Over the last four years I have served, under contract, with this Barony as it’s Baronial Marshal and Lieutenant of the Baronial Guard. Now, after hearing the call for applicants, my beloved, The Honorable Lady Amabel Radleigh, and I feel it is time for us to step up and help the Barony by serving as it’s next Baron and Baroness. While being the Baronial Marshal has been a fruitful role, I feel that taking a more encompassing and responsible position in the Barony would bring even more opportunities to help and support others. Moreover, it would bring greater challenges; the taking on of which would allow me to help bring the Barony fame and recognition.

As a mercenary Baron, I intend to reach out to any-and-all who are interested in learning to fight, and especially those who wish to fight for the Barony, but also for Coin or sheer entertainment. With luck, we will bring to life, “The Guardians of the High Road;” the somewhat neglected fighting unit of Altavia. My partner and better half Amabel has already been reaching out to the archery community, and is interested in creating an armored combat archery contingent, “Rangers of the High Road,” to support the Barony of Altavia, and the kingdom of CAID as a whole, in times of war.

We also know that in a household, combat unit, or Barony, it is not possible to properly function if focusing solely on fighting and wars. Many other aspects of these groups require growth and nurturing. The arts are vitally important and must be taught, practiced, and shared. This is one of the hopes of my Lady Amabel: to encourage growth and creativity within the Barony, as she finds joy in the arts and would like to bring the community together to practice their crafts and inspire new makers. While we both have some familiarity with basic armoring and leatherwork, we are looking for those who would strengthen this Barony with their knowledge and their desire to teach and learn as a community in areas such as scribal, textiles, bardic, culinary and more.

We must also seek populace growth by presenting opportunities both to the youth of the kingdom as well as those who do not yet know that they belong here. We hope to assist and develop demonstrations and public outreach to help this Barony and Kingdom grow. The more people we are able to enhance our Barony with, the more we all will thrive.

Of course, in this spirit we will welcome all who wish to accompany us, especially those who may have or who may gain an interest in trying their hand as historical mercenaries, an aspect of this shared community that I have come to love. To demonstrate this, we intend to hire on valiant individuals for our guard, in addition to those loyal subjects of the Barony and Crown, who feel it is their honor or duty to serve with us to better the region.

We thank you all for your consideration and look forward to your decision. Altavia is our home, and we shall be here to support its growth, no matter who shall lead that charge.

In Service to the Dream,

THL Amabel Radleigh

THL Griffith von Bremen RRE